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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

New on DVD and Blu-ray - July 10, 2012

Altered States - Blu-ray (1980)

Altered States

American Reunion - DVD and Blu-ray (2012)

American Reunion

Being Flynn - DVD and Blu-ray (2012)

Being Flynn

Chariots of Fire - Blu-ray (1981)

Chariots of Fire

The Flowers of War - DVD and Blu-ray (2011)

The Flowers of War

Margaret - DVD and Blu-ray (2011) - Grade C


This film is a big mess. There is good script buried somewhere in the final product but it's all over the place and not many side stories are resolved. It's a real shame seeing how long it took the film to be distributed.

Outland - Blu-ray (1981)- Grade A-


The Saphead - Kino Video DVD and Blu-ray (1920) - Grade A-

The Saphead

Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines - Blu-ray (1965)

Those Magnificent Men in the Flying Machines

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