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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

New on DVD and Blu-ray - June 26, 2012

21 Jump Street - DVD and Blu-ray (2012) - Grade B

21 Jump Street

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Bullhead - DVD and Blu-ray (2011)


The 39 Steps - Criterion Blu-ray (1935) - Grade A

The 39 Steps

The Artist - DVD and Blu-ray (2011) - Grade A-

The Artist

Deliverance - Blu-ray (1972) - Grade A


Little Lord Fauntleroy - Kino Video DVD and Blu-ray (1936)

Little Lord Fauntleroy

Mirror Mirror - DVD and Blu-ray (2012)

Mirror Mirror

Once Upon a Time in Anatolia - DVD and Blu-ray (2011)

Once Upon a time in Anatolia

The Samurai Trilogy - Criterion Collection Blu-ray (1954-1956) - Grade A+

The Samurai Trilogy

A Thousand Words - DVD and Blu-ray (2012)

A Thousand Words

Wrath of the Titans - DVD and Blu-ray (2012) - Grade B

Wrath of the Titans


  1. Great to see that you gave 'Deliverance' an 'A'. That is a classic for sure mainly because of Director John Boorman's on-location shooting in Georgia, which helps give the film its strong atmosphere. Good to see that you used an image of Burt Reynolds for your still as he gives a very strong performance in this one. I have always said if you give him a good script he can act the problem is he has been given too many bad ones.

    I actually met him once at a book signing in Chicago. I had a good conversation with him. He is very 'un-Hollywood' as he speaks his mind and can be quite candid at times, which is good. Very nice guy.

  2. He seems like a really cool guy, or maybe he did back in the day. He was, basically that guy cool guy in the '70s and '80s. You had Steve McQueen before him but then you had Reynolds. And the difference is, as you mentioned it, the scripts. McQueen was the coolest actor in Hollywood because he was an actor of tremendous talent and he chose, mostly great scripts.

    I like Burt Reynolds; he's cool. And he was magnificent in "Boogie Nights". :O)